This Easter season Rock Church is seeking to partner with our neighbors to help some of our area schools with needed supplies for the end of the school year.  They are in need of school, storage and cleaning supplies.  Please see below for the top need lists by school.  "For Our Community" bins are located in the lobby of each of our campuses and donations will be received at our Easter Eggstravaganzas, Holy Week Services and Easter Morning Celebrations March 24 through April 1st.  With locations in Sandown and Plaistow NH as well as Amesbury and Newburyport MA we offer numerous locations and times to chose from.  

"I am particularly excited about the 'For Our Community' initiative we are organizing this year" said Pastor Steve Murray of Rock Church.  "Easter is always a great service at the Rock.  But adding this additional element of providing supplies for the kids will make it even better."  If you would like to help with this initiative, simply join us for one of our Easter Celebrations and bring a school supply item to share.  For more information about Rock Church, visit  For specific information about our Easter events schedule, locations and directions, visit


Amesbury & Cashman Elementary Schools

Top 10 Needs for 2017/2018 School Year

1.     #2 Pencils
2.     Colored pencils
3.     Dry erase markers
4.     Tissues
5.     Eraser tops
6.     Crayola crayons
7.     Scotch tape
8.     Plastic spoons and forks
9.     Gallon/quart size zip storage bags
10.   Disinfecting wipes

Danville School.jpg

Danville Elementary

Top 5 needs for 2017/2018 School Year

1.     Colored pencils
2.     Twistable crayons
3.     Crayola crayons
4.     Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
5.     Disinfecting wipes

Pollard School.jpg

Pollard School-


Top 20 needs for 2017/2018 School Year

1.     #2 Pencils
2.     Colored pencils
3.     Thin magic markers
4.     Thin black dry erase markers
5.     Big pink erasers
6.     Eraser tops
7.     Twistable crayons
8.     Crayola crayons
9.     Scotch tape
10.   Washable ink pads
11.   Sturdy staplers
12.   Kid scissors
13.   White board erasers
14.   Lots of glue sticks
15.   Ear buds for Gr 1 & 2 students
17.   Plastic spoons and forks
18.   Kleenex/ tissues
19.   Gallon/quart size zip storage bags
20.   Disinfecting wipes

Sandown North.jpg

Sandown North

Top 10 needs for 2017/2018 School Year

1.     Sugarless Gum
2.    Sugarless Candy
3.     Markers
4.    Snacks (and/or snack size zip bags)
5.     Stickers
6.     Craft Sticks
7.     AA batteries
8.     Thin black and thick color dry markers
9.     Model Magic/Thinking Putty
10.   Kinetic Sand