Who We Are


For Our Community is a grassroots movement of people who care deeply about strong families and healthy children, those struggling with addiction and living in poverty, the forgotten elderly and our precious environment.  For Our Community is a groundswell movement that began at Rock Church, but is all inclusive and welcoming to all.   If you too have a desire to be a positive impact on our region, join us in being For Our Community.


Community Events

Over the course of this Summer we will be participating in a number of community events.  At these community events our goal will be to bless people.  We will be the ones giving away water bottles or freeze pops to the kids.  We will be looking for ways to help, to connect neighbors, to create great community. 



For Families

To be for our community means we are for families.  From parenting classes to Trunk or Treat to free family movie nights, we will be providing opportunities to build a community full of great, strong families.   


For those who struggle

We know that life is not always easy.  There are many people in our community who struggle.  We are here to help the elderly person who has to choose between medication and fuel oil.  We are here for the lonely person who is seeking to find a place of loving community.  We are here for those who battle addiction and the families who struggle with them. 

We are an emerging movement

We are just getting started.  In the days ahead, our goal is to bring people together in way that builds great communities.  So of the many expressions of that are just beginning to be formed.  If you would like to be a part of helping us build this movement from the ground up, we invite you to get involved. 

Rock Church is For Our Community

At Rock Church we are For Our Community!  Too often churches have been known for what they are against.  We want to be known by what we are FOR.   We are one church in several locations.  Our desire is to serve, bless and strengthen each of our communities.  We want to make the world a better place, one community at a time.  If you share our passion to make our community great, we invite you to join the movement!

To make a donation to For Our Community for future projects and initiatives, please click the following link  www.rockgiving.org.